Apple has recently introduced a new programming language that is a successor of Objective-C. Coding in this innovative language is quite fun, it is designed for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, and developers can use it for their iOS projects or updating their current application.

There are several incredible features of Swift that helps make code more expressive and clean. Let's have a look at its features:

  • Modern language

Swift is built by using some parameters of Objective-C in a clean and readable syntax. It thus, allows one to conveniently read and maintain APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This language doesn't require a semicolon after every command and it manages the memory on its own.

  • Playgrounds for enhanced creativity

Now, each renowned iOS App Development Company will find coding a great fun with Swift code. It features interactive playgrounds that instantly epitomize the result of each command and if it's a loop, you can review the result via a shown graph. When you are satisfied with your code in the playground, you can integrate it in your project. This interactive playground will be a great benefit to developers, with this they can-

  • Build new tests and check whether they work or not before implementing them in the test suite
  • Help design new algorithms and trace its result after each step
  • Experiment different APIs to improve their coding skills
  • since, it reduces the software development cycle, thus it allows developers to add more creativity in their job
  • Fast and robust

Swift is built to deliver outstanding performance with fast results. It features a proficient LLVM compiler and is perfect to take possible advantage of modern iPhone, iPad and Mac hardware. To ensure the best performance, its standard library and syntax have been tuned. It is a successor to Objective-C and C programming languages that offers all the features of an object oriented language including, generics, protocols and classes; it thus facilitates the developers of Cocoa and Cocoa touch the ultimate potential to accomplish their job.


  • Safe and Secure platform

You can avail skilful iOS Programmers for Hire very easily as Swift implements safe patterns and clear syntax to avoid mistakes. In this modern language, variable are required to be initialized before use, memory is managed automatically, and integers and arrays are cross checked to avoid overflow. It is tuned to support the APIs of Cocoa and Cocoa Touch and implements a perfect framework that replaces a code of line in Objective-C with only a single character. And hence, all this helps build more safe apps for Mac and iOS with great convenience.

Final Thought:

Swift has been designed to facilitate developers as well as various iPhone users to levergae easy platform with a better and convenient programming language that can help them to hone their coding skills with improved creativity and great perfection.