The serene songs, the melodious tones that makes you jiggle and wiggle on your favourite tunes, and the heavy brass, which fills your heart with throbbing passion; well, you can never have enough of anything that's music. So, whether you just want to shake a leg with your partner or simply want to give in to those personal moments of aural relaxation, iPhone lets you take music along wherever you go.

And the new age iPhone apps are further aimed at giving your experience a velvet touch. These apps pack some great functionality that is a mix of tried and true features while blending them with some novel and unique ones for your listening pleasure. Here are some of the very best iPhone music apps for your consideration

1. Slacker Radio

The Slacker Radio app is purely dedicated to music lovers and delivers amazing music that's perfect to make any moment jovial. This handcrafted radio is designed by passionate music experts with hundreds of integrated stations and recommendations, letting you explore the music of your choice. If you love changing the songs and enjoy digging into one of the largest libraries, then you've surely found your next obsession in Slacker Radio. The app is constantly updated with newest features and adapts to your tastes to offer you music that's fresh and invigorating.

2. Audiogalaxy Mobile

If you are among those hardcore music lovers who have thousands of MP3 files on your iPhone, so it might start affecting your storage capacity to the point where you'll not be able to download any more files. If this sounds similar and you are struggling hard to choose which song you should store and which is not, then Audiogalaxy Mobile app is your answer.

This cool app launched by reputed iPhone Application Development Company gives a cloud based access to your music library without any need to worrying about space. In the app, there is an Audiogalaxy helper program that lets you organize your music library. Further, it also allows you to access your music files via computer or any handheld device.


3. TuneWiki

This free app is great to remember as well as listen to all your favorite songs and ensures that you have all them right while you are on-the-go. The app functions both as a radio player and lyrics decoder. With the app, you can even search for your favorite songs if you know some lines of the song.

4. Concert Vault

No need for time machine, there you are, Concert Vault tosses at you vintage music, but not in a customary way. This app actually has live music recordings right from the era of Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Queen and many others who dominated the music world in their own way. The app has up to 10 hours of streaming and it's absolutely free for everyone.


5. Local Concerts

Local Concerts is a great app which can be customized, if you will avail proficient iPhone App Developers for Hire to keep a track of the upcoming live shows and concerts in your area. It provides you facility to search by date and venue of the show and along with an access to tickets and directions. By scanning your iTunes library, the app informs you about the upcoming events of your favorite artists to give you a more personalized experience.

Wrapping Up

This assorted range might leave you spoilt for choices. But whichever you choose to install, it's most definitely gonna plug you right into the mood.