iPhones have definitely come up as a great sigh of relief for busy business professionals who probably find it difficult to manage their business processes in a seamless manner. The in-built apps available in today's iPhones have assisted such entrepreneurs in enhancing productivity to the maximum. Thus, most of the business owners hire iOS App Developer for availing customized apps.Keep on reading this blog to find everything about 5 best iPhone apps that have helped corporate professionals improve their business profits.

iPhone App No.1-HanDBase

HanDBase is a simple iPhone app that helps you store, track and search through different kinds ofbusiness-related database ranging from billing records, product inventory to client lists. HanDBase iPhone app comes with a free desktop application that automatically synchronizes your databases between your desktop/laptop to your iPhone. You may also use this app to import information from spreadsheet programs such as Excel.

iPhone App No.2-iWork


iWork serves as an excellent office suite for iPhone users.This app comes with Pages Word Processor, Keynote Presentation Maker and Numbers Spreadsheet Editor. iWork allows you to access and edit your documents via any web-connected device.

iPhone App No.3- Mint


Mint is a perfect iPhone app that allows entrepreneurs to track their spendings and tweak their budgets. With this handy iPhone app, small business owners can easily add their bank accounts, credit cards etc. and get their transactions categorized automatically. To sum it all, Mint will enable you to keep your finances well organized. You can choose both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to experience such amazing apps.

iPhone App No.4-MightyMeeting


MightyMeeting is an excellent iPhone app that lets you store and share business presentations from any part of the world. Upon uploading your presentation, you can choose to play it from your iPhone or connect your handset to a bigger screen. This iPhone app also comes with a whiteboard mode that lets you draw and share charts and graphs in real time.

iPhone App No.5- SquareRegister


SquareRegister is a tailor-made app for entrepreneurs who need to process payments while on a move. On downloading this app, you need to sign up to receive a credit card reader dongle free in the mail. Now, you just need to plug the dongle into the headphone jack on your iPhone and swipe a credit card to start processing payments.

Wrapping Up

So that was a collection of 5 amazing iPhone applications that have truly proved beneficial for business professionals residing in different parts of the world. Hope by now, you'd have chosen an application for your iPhone. Prior to downloading an app for your iPhone, make sure to check its features and scope for upgradation.


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